Who We Are

Mission and Values

The mission of Miel Montréal Co-op is to develop and provide, within a concerted framework, educational services related to bees and more generally biodiversity in the city, as well as support to the beekeeping community.

More specifically, Miel Montréal intends to:

  • Promote biodiversity in urban and rural areas
  • Raise awareness within the urban population to the importance of the honey bee and indigenous pollinators
  • Create and maintain habitats favourable to urban pollinators
  • Perform ecological beekeeping respectful of bees, pollinating insects and the environment
  • Participate in the development of knowledge on urban apiculture
  • Be a network actor, i.e. a place of exchange, sharing and dialogue around beekeeping and the preservation of biodiversity in Montreal.


November 2011 - First ‘Month of the Urban Bee’ in Montreal

May 2012 - Installation of the first hive at the Palais des Congrès de Montréal

July 2012 - Constitution of Miel Montréal as an NPO

April 2013 - Miel Montréal becomes a non-profit solidarity co-operative

April 2015 - Miel Montréal is awarded a grant from the Montreal Island Youth Forum to develop an internship in "Urban Apiculture, Honey Horticulture and Eco-Citizenship": 45 hours of theory and 105 hours of practice; creation of gardens for pollinators; 450 people sensitized to biodiversity; launch of initiatives such as the Alliance for the Prohibition of Systemic Pesticides (AIPS) by trainees

Fall 2015 - Collaboration with the Harricana brewery for the creation of the first urban honey beer in Montréal

May 2017 - Miel Montreal wrote the Code of Urban Apiculture. Please read it and sign it if you agree!

Summer 2017 - Launch of Miel Montreal Summer Hive School. Goal : experiment working on hives under the supervision of a beekeeper and gain theoretical knowledge through various  specialized workshop.

Summer 2018 - Miel Montreal offers 6 ways to help pollinating bees. Easy to put in place in our daily lives, they make a real difference for pollinating insects . Don't hesitate to share with your surrounding.



3 pillars to our activities

To promote biodiversity and support responsible apiculture, we focused our activities around 3 pillars in order to give everyone (individuals, schools, organizations, ...) the necessary tools.

... Workshops, training, animations
... Bees & pollinators
... Urban diversity
... Exchanges on best practices
... Events & tasting
... Volunteering & internships
... Hive management
... Field support packages
... Honey extraction
... Melliferous gardens


Crédit Photo : Manoushka Larouche, Samuel Cogrenne, Alexandre Gillez.