Workshops at Schools

Offered to all curious, our workshops are suited to all audiences and age groups.

Why a workshop in your school

The bee is a fascinating insect that arouses curiosity, both through its morphology and its behavior. Discovering bees leads to marvel at the complexity and beauty of urban nature. A better knowledge of the bee also helps to dispel the myths and fears that surround it.

Thus, the school workshops proposed by Miel Montréal make it possible to interest the student in the biology of social insects, the importance of pollinators in ecosystems and urban apiculture.

The subjects covered in these workshops also allow the student to acquire knowledge about the living universe, as recommended by the Québec Education Program (Progression of Learning in Primary Education).


Workshop 1
Honey Bees

Bees enjoy both the city and the country plus they love to forage in urban flowers. These are full of precious nectar which will be used in the creation of honey.
During this workshop, students will discover the exciting universe of the bee and how it makes honey. The different stages of the bee life and the important role that this social insect plays in maintaining urban biodiversity will also be discussed.

The activity includes a keynote presentation with pictures, discussions and presentation of the beekeeping equipment and products of the hive. It ends with a honey tasting.


Electronic slideshow and other educational materials.

Audio-visual equipment (screen and projector or TBI) and computer.

Native bees and their habitat

It is not just the honey bee that is important for maintaining biodiversity. In Quebec, there are dozens of species of native bees, all of which are specialists in pollination, but are unknown. Like the honey bee, they need flowers to forage and feed.
During this workshop, students will learn to recognize the most common species and how to provide habitat for their survival. The activity includes a presentation with pictures and discussions.


Electronic slideshow and other educational materials.

Audio-visual equipment (screen and projector or TBI) and computer.

Extra 1
Observation d’abeilles vivantes

Notre animateur-trice présentera les différentes étapes à suivre lors de l’inspection d’une ruche et le matériel à utiliser. Une lecture des cadres sera réalisée avec les élèves (miel, pollen, œufs, reine, etc.). L’activité comprend : une sortie terrain ou une démonstration en classe du travail de l’apiculteur-trice, du matériel apicole et des produits de la ruche. Elle se termine par une dégustation.
Matériel apicole et autres matériels pédagogiques

Atelier 2
Les abeilles indigènes et leur habitat

Il n’y a pas que l’abeille mellifère qui est importante pour le maintien de la biodiversité. Au Québec, on retrouve des dizaines d’espèces d’abeilles indigènes qui sont toutes des spécialistes de la pollinisation, mais qui sont méconnues. Comme l’abeille mellifère, elles ont besoin de fleurs pour butiner et se nourrir.
Lors de cet atelier, les élèves apprendront à reconnaitre les espèces les plus communes et comment leur fournir un habitat propice à leur survie. L’activité comprend un exposé magistral avec diaporama en images et des discussions.

Diaporama électronique et autres matériels pédagogiques.

Matériel audio-visuel (écran et projecteur ou TBI) et ordinateur.


Duration: a minimum of one hour (which can be split into 2 30-minute workshops for example) for a group of 20 to 30 children (depending on age).

Would you like to organize a workshop? Do you have any questions? Contact us at

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Crédit Photo : Manoushka Larouche, Samuel Cogrenne, Alexandre Gillez.