API Tuesdays

Do you want to help bees? To better understand their universe? Come to the API Tuesdays!

On the agenda

Once a month, Miel Montréal offers a practical workshop where you will discover the bee's fascinating universe, the different stages of its life and the essential role this social insect plays in the maintenance of biodiversity. You will also discover the Coop Miel Montréal, which puts bees, pollinators and a responsible beekeeping practice at the heart of its mission and development.

Each workshop includes a 45min hive opening by a beekeeper of the cooperative.

Please note that workshops are held in French.

Schedule and Location

  • Dates: Tuesdays June 19th, July 17th, August 14th and September 4th.
  • Schedule & Location: Meeting at 18:00 at the Virage Campus MIL, 6700 Durocher Avenue, Outremont, Montreal H2V 1A5
  • Rates: Members & Students: $ 10 (+ tx) - Regular: $ 15 (+ tx)
  • Registration: here!

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Crédit Photo : Manoushka Larouche, Samuel Cogrenne, Alexandre Gillez.