Want to know more about bees? Our different workshops formulas can satisfy your desire to better understand the incredible world of beekeeping, and more generally of urban biodiversity. Choose the format that suits you best!

API Tuesdays

Workshops aimed at presenting the amazing world of bees and urban biodiversity. And they take place ... on Tuesdays! Learn all the details here.

Advanced Beekeeping

If you already have a knowledge of beekeeping and would like to deepen your skills on specific topics, Advanced Beekeeping is for you. Have in mind that workshops are held in French. More information here.

Tailored Workshops

Miel Montréal offers workshops on demand. They are suitable for groups of all ages. Several pre-defined themes are available, but you can also propose topics that are particularly interested in. More on this formula here.

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Crédit Photo : Manoushka Larouche, Samuel Cogrenne, Alexandre Gillez.