Sale of Honey

Each year, the Miel Montréal cooperative organizes two honey-making weekends:
. a honeyed summer in July
. a honeyed autumn in September

Quality of honey

Our honeys are natural honeys, unpasteurized, all flowers. Each honey of the hives we manage is extracted separately, which allows us to see the different types of honey produced according to the location of the sites.

Phenomenon of crystallization / Preservation of honey

Crystallization is a natural phenomenon, a guarantee for the quality of unpasteurized honey. Crystallized honey is always good for consumption! If you wish to liquefy your honey, put it for a few minutes in a bain marie, in simmering water and stir constantly. Be careful if you use the microwave, some vitamins, and therefore properties of your honey, could be lost.

Where to find our honey

Pots are available for sale in our premises as well as at partner stores (Terre à soiboutique ville en vertmaison de l'environnement de verdun, etc.). It is also possible to obtain honey from a few customers of Miel Montréal (Tohu, Cegep André Grasset). Two sizes are available:

  • 45 mL - $ 3
  • 125 mL - $ 6

Honey nutrition facts available here.

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Crédit Photo : Manoushka Larouche, Samuel Cogrenne, Alexandre Gillez.