Member Role & Advantages

By becoming a member of Miel Montréal Co-op, you encourage our activities and contribute to the implementation of educative, environmental and innovative projects. As a member, you also get to vote during our general meetings and to actively participate in the proper development of the Co-op.

It is essential to Miel Montréal to bring together beekeeping initiatives taking place in Montréal and to federate the network of urban beekeepers.

To do so, Miel Montréal offers to its members services such as:

  • Apiculture purchasing groups
  • Best practices exchange table
  • Field support
  • Honey extraction support
  • Advice services
  • Networking events
  • Workshops and training
  • Preferential rates on all our workshops, training and events

To become a member, please click here !

Crédit Photo : Manoushka Larouche, Samuel Cogrenne, Alexandre Gillez.