Gardens for Pollinators

It is not just the honey bee that is important for maintaining biodiversity. In Quebec, there are hundreds of species of native bees, all of which are specialists in pollination but are still unknown. Like honey bees, they need flowers to forage and feed.

A garden for bees, small, medium or large, can be integrated into a vegetable garden, a terrace, a school yard or a building. The creation of habitat for urban pollinators adds, in beauty, to the quality of life in Montréal.

The island of Montréal is full of opportunities to revitalize the urban territory. Our cooperative offers tailor-made gardens to meet the needs of pollinating insects and beautify the Montréal landscape while improving the quality of the air we breathe. These gardens also contribute to the control of the temperature in the city, which in some neighbourhoods can dramatically increase during the summer (heat islands).

Some examples

In 2015, Miel Montréal conceived and designed a pollinator trail at Tohu. It also planted more than 500 plants rich in nectar and pollen at the Palais des Congrès, Campus Outremont, Université de Montréal and Pierre Eliott Trudeau Airport. These collaborations were made possible thanks to a grant from the  FRIJ and an unprecedented effort of 15 trainees.

In 2016, we reorganized the main entrance of the Guy-Drummond Elementary School in Outremont (CSDM) as the first step in an integrated educational learning project for the school’s students and staff, parents and neighbours.


Would you like to benefit from this service? Here is the information to email us at apiculture@mielmontreal.com:

  • address of the site
  • number of hives to feed (if known)
  • name and cellphone of the contact person for the project

IMPORTANT -- New applications are handled between December 1st and May 1st only. After that, we will only be able to send you general information about this service; we will not take any new customers (because the beekeeping season will have started!).

Don't hesitate to contact us via apiculture@mielmontreal.com

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Crédit Photo : Manoushka Larouche, Samuel Cogrenne, Alexandre Gillez.